AJ's Yotas, as a Toyota Land Cruiser service center, offers a wide range of services to meet the needs of Land Cruiser owners. Here are some of the different services you can expect:

1. Routine Maintenance:
   - Oil changes
   - Tire rotations
   - Brake inspections and replacements
   - Fluid checks and replacements

2. Engine Diagnostics and Repairs:
   - Comprehensive engine diagnostics
   - Engine repairs and rebuilds
   - Fuel system maintenance and repairs

3. Transmission Services:
   - Transmission fluid changes
   - Transmission repairs and rebuilds

4. Suspension and Steering:
   - Suspension system inspections and repairs
   - Steering system maintenance

5. Electrical System Services:
   - Battery testing and replacement
   - Electrical system diagnostics and repairs

6. Exhaust System Services:
   - Exhaust system inspections and repairs

7. Cooling System Services:
   - Radiator repairs and replacements
   - Cooling system flushes

8. Air Conditioning and Heating:
   - AC system inspections and repairs
   - Heating system maintenance

9. 4x4 and Off-Road Upgrades:
   - Lift kits and suspension upgrades
   - Off-road tire and wheel installations
   - Winch installations

10. Customization and Accessories:
    - Interior and exterior customizations
    - Installation of aftermarket accessories

11. Restorations:
    - Vintage Land Cruiser restorations
    - Frame-off restorations

12. Pre-Purchase Inspections:
    - Thorough inspections for potential buyers

13. Welding and Fabrication:
    - Custom welding and fabrication work

14. Body and Paint Services:
    - Body repairs and rust removal
    - Paint touch-ups and refinishing

15. Alignment Services:
    - Wheel alignments for proper handling

16. Towing and Recovery Services:
    - Assistance with breakdowns and recoveries

17. Performance Tuning:
    - Engine tuning and performance upgrades

18. Safety Inspections:
    - Safety checks for compliance and peace of mind

19. Scheduled Maintenance Plans:
    - Customized maintenance schedules

20. Consultation and Advice:
    - Expert advice on Land Cruiser care and upgrades

AJ's Yotas is dedicated to ensuring that your Toyota Land Cruiser remains in top-notch condition, whether it's for daily driving, off-road adventures, or vintage Land Cruiser preservation. Their comprehensive range of services caters to the diverse needs of Land Cruiser enthusiasts.